On November 24, 2023, our colleague Bartłomiej Przybyszewski, Ph.D. Eng., from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology was awarded 3rd prize in the “Innovative Scientist” category of the 15th edition of the “Innovator of Mazovia” competition for the thesis titled “Effect of chemical and physical modifications of polyurethane coatings on their hydrophobic and icephobic properties”. The thesis was based, among others, on the results of the Phobic2Ice project coordinated by TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS.
The “Innovator of Mazovia” was designated to support and promote attitudes which strengthen innovativeness and to develop awareness of the role of innovation among the inhabitants of Mazovia Region, in particular, in the scientific and business community.
The “Innovative Scientist” category is addressed to scientists who completed their PhD course or obtained a degree of a doctor, whose PhD dissertation was prepared or defended at scientific institutions in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and whose innovative research solutions have a potential for implementation.