Luxembourg/Warsaw: On 1 January 2021, Technology Partners initiates the 3-year Strategic and Targeted Support to Incentivise Talented Newcomers to NMP Projects under Horizon Europe project. Its objective is to identify innovative organisations in the area of NMP (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing), especially SMEs that have not yet taken part in Horizon 2020. Technology Partners will be responsible for the development and provision of Innovation Workshops which will give organisations that have not taken part in EU research programmes and opportunity to work with innovation leaders – European research organisations performing the highest number of H2020 projects in the area of NMBP: CEA, VTT, Fraunhofer, TU Delft and TU Dresden. FIT-4-NMP is an H2020 CSA (Coordination and Support Action). The consortium consists of 10 partners from the EU-15, EU-13, and associated countries.  For more information, see Projects page.