Warsaw/Trondheim: On September 1, 2020, Technology Partners has initiated the three-year Anti-Icing Sustainable Solutions by Development and Application of Icephobic Coatings (IceMan) Project. Its objective is to develop water-based polyurethane coatings using different methods to fulfil requirements of icephobicity of composite surfaces. The project is being carried out within the POLNOR Programme funded under Norway Funds. In addition to Technology Partners, which is the project coordinator, the participants are: SINTEF – the largest Norwegian research organisation (www.sintef.no), Funzionano – a SINTEF spin-off specialising in developing hybrid nanoparticles (www.funzionano.com) and MSP InnTech sp. z o.o. – a leading Polish developer of 0,5-150 kg class UAVs (www.uav.com.pl). For more information, see Projects page.